Encouraging Co-Operatives

The Company strongly believes that the concept of vibrant co-operatives is the best mode to ensure participation of people in their development with a sense of ownership. The Company has promoted co-operatives in the field of micro hydel, floriculture, construction and watershed development. It has also provided financial support to the genuinely needy co-operative societies from its own resources and has also promoted labour Co-operatives.

The hallmark of cooperative effort is that the members work together for a common goal. They develop interest not only financially but morally as well. This solidarity usually keeps the projects moving to a quick and efficient realisation and inculcates a sense of achievement.

The Company has also attempted to raise the income of small farmers by popularising floriculture as a viable diversified farm-based activity, for high returns to rural population. The Company has provided financial help especially to the inhabitants of Malana Village in Kullu district who were engaged in illegal cultivation and trade for helping them engage in gainful alternative vocations.