Development, operation and maintenance of ropeway to dhosi hill in district mahendragarh in the state of haryana on hybrid annuity mode. 

We are thrilled to announce that Sai Eternal has been awarded the prestigious Ropeway project, connecting the cultural landmarks of Baba Ramlal temple and Chyavan Rishi Ashram in Kultajpur village, located just 10 km west of Narnaul city. This groundbreaking project will not only enhance connectivity but also offer a breathtaking journey through greenfield landscapes. The site of the Ropeway project initiates beside the footpath leading to Baba Ramlal temple, extending across 0.871 km and concluding approximately 90 m west of Chyavan Rishi Ashram. This visionary initiative aims to seamlessly blend modern technology with the serene beauty of the surroundings. Traversing through pristine greenfield areas, the proposed alignment of the Ropeway project promises an immersive experience for passengers. Connecting two significant cultural landmarks, this project showcases Sai Eternal’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Sai Eternal takes pride in adopting cutting-edge technology for the Ropeway system. The project will be designed on Bi-Cable Jig Back (Double Reversible) technology, ensuring efficiency, safety, and reliability. With a total horizontal length of 0.871 km, the Ropeway system will operate at a capacity of 250 Persons Per Hour Per Direction (PPHPD). As the chosen technology implies, our Ropeway system is set to provide a unique and enjoyable experience. The Bi-Cable Jig Back design offers a smooth and controlled journey, showcasing Sai Eternal’s dedication to passenger comfort and safety. As we weave technology and tradition, this Ropeway project is a testament to our commitment to creating innovative solutions that enhance the way we experience our cultural heritage.

Stay tuned for updates as Sai Eternal continues to redefine the skyline, connecting hearts and cultures with our pioneering Ropeway project. The journey begins, and the future is now – with Sai Eternal.