The Foundation has well established Construction Division comprising of experienced Engineers in the various fields of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering. The company is backed by highly dedicated and specialised personnel in diverse engineering specialisation, Business Management and skilled technicians to undertake a diverse range of projects.

The resources for charitable activities come from revenue generating activities and execution of contracts for various projects, sale of electricity and through investments. The Company is a self-sustaining entity and does not lean on for any financial support from Central or State Government, Semi-Government agencies or donors, within and outside the country. However, it has no problem to associate with other funding agencies by co-funding the charity or welfare projects.

Presently, it is engaged in the construction of small hydro power projects (Renewable Energy project), construction of bridges, tunnels, buildings, slope & subsidence stabilisation works and the construction of a bulk water supply scheme (the biggest drinking water portfolio in the history of the State of Himachal Pradesh) etc. besides consulting and delivery of accomplished projects.

The Company is a non – political, non- profit, but self-sustainable organization. In times to come, it shall play important role to serve the society in its entirety. The Company is committed to expand its basket of charitable social welfare activities within the frame work of basic objectives. To make the Foundation sustainable by generating revenue the Company is undertaking following activities.