Promoting Education with Specific Emphasis on Human Values

“Just as CANDLE CANNOT burn without FIRE, MEN cannot live without spiritual LIFE” – budha

Science and Technology have advanced, but morals and human values have declined to a point where one is capable of destroying not only himself, but the entire world. Modern education imparts skills but lacks sound moral education towards building good character. Sai Eternal Foundation is not a religious organization but it certainly offers spiritual environment. The cementing force between the individuals serving this organization is spiritual force based on rational approach and faith.
It is important to underline that “Sai Eternal Foundation” is non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization dedicated to the service of humanity and is working for the mitigation of the chronic and rampant problem of hunger, poverty and unemployment.
The Company has established a Meditation-Cum-Educational Centre at Pujarli near Shimla in association with Sri Sathya Sai Trust, Himachal Pradesh. This Centre has been designed to fulfill the requirements of congenial environment and peaceful ambiance necessary for meditation. The Company provided all the necessary technical and financial resources for establishing this Centre. It has also now become a Centre of tourist attraction in view of its unique location, innovative & imaginative architecture and design. Spiritual discourses on various facets are organized regularly in this Centre.
National Heritage Park has been established by Mohan Shakti Trust near Salogara in Solan district. The main objectives of Trust are promotion of charitable, educational, cultural, social and religious activities. The park is located on a link road at distance of about 6.5 km from Salogra, near Solan.The Company has assisted the trust for the establishment of National Heritage Park by providing earthquake resistant design and undertaken the construction of the Park on cost to cost basis.