Integrated Area Development Project for Dhartidhar in Sirmour District

Foundation is devoted to working in backward relatively underdeveloped areas so that people in need could be helped to overcome the adverse circumstances on the one hand, and simultaneously succeed in raising their incomes on a sustained basis.
One of the all-embracing interventions of the Sai Eternal Foundation has been initiated in the Dhartidhar region of Sirmour District after conduct of a comprehensive benchmark socio-economic survey was conducted in the area.

To begin with following activities are proposed to be undertaken:

An event was conducted for the ex-servicemen and for the families of martyrs who were felicitated and provided with plant saplings of species like Amla, Beal, Moringa, Neam, Peepal etc., for creating “Memory Groves” for martyrs besides creation of groves by ex-servicemen.